Our best-in-class safety program

It starts with the people

We pre screen and provide you with the best child transportation driver based on your needs and preferences.

Applicant Screening

All of our personal drivers are extensively background checked and screened.

Extensive Background Check

Each driver candidate undergoes an extended series of background and reference checks. Our drivers must have unblemished federal, national and local records, and maintain a spotless DMV record.

Our network includes only the highest rated personal drivers for child transportation.

Proven track record

Our system allows you to rate your driver after each trip. This allows us to create a network of only the best chauffeurs. Drivers must maintain a consistent record of positive ratings to remain in the network.

We only accept the top 1% of personal drivers for child transportation.

Only the best are selected

Select only the personal driver you want for your child transportation needs.

Select the driver you want

Have the same personal driver for every child transportation trip.

Same driver every time

Once you select your perfect driver, you will get that same driver every time. Enjoy the familiarity, comfort and safety of having a familiar face behind the wheel for every trip.

It’s supported by the best technology

Not only do we have the highest quality drivers on the road, we help them continually deliver safe and reliable service while offering families smart tools to set up, manage, and track each ride in real-time.

Monitor your personal driver's performance for safety during every child transportation trip.

Technology that monitors driving behavior

While a driver is transporting a passenger, we can detect how fast they’re driving, whether they’re obeying traffic rules, if they’re stopping at safe speeds, and if they’re staying off the phone while driving. Only the safest drivers remain in our network.

View your personal driver's real time location.

Watch each ride in real-time from your phone using the free iDriveYourCar app. Also receive up-to-the-minute status messages letting you know when your driver is on the way, when your child has been picked up, and when they have been dropped off at their destination.

See all of your personal driver's information in an easy to use dashboard.

LiveRides℠ monitoring dashboard

During each ride, an iDriveYourCar team member will be watching the ride’s progress in real time. Our dedicated staff monitors every trip, making sure passengers are picked up and dropped off on time while being safely transported to their scheduled destination.

And it’s backed up by more great people

iDriveYourCar is more than just a company. We’re a team of people dedicated to providing your family with the safest and friendliest service possible. We use iDriveYourCar for our families too.

Receive 24/7 live personal driver support before, during and after your child transportation trip.

Live Customer Support

Quickly contact a real person at any time by tapping “Call Support” right from the home screen of the iDriveYourCar app. You’ll be immediately connected with a live person who can answer any questions you may have and help with reservations, cancellations, special requests or last minute changes.

Our liverides team manages your personal driver's child transportation needs for safety, performance, consistency and more.

LiveRides℠ Team

LiveRides℠ team members’ only job is to monitor rides and make sure they run smoothly. They stay in contact with passengers, parents, and drivers to deliver current traffic information, update an ETA or communicate new ride instructions from the parent. Whatever you need, a LiveRides℠ team member is there to help.

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Monika- NY, United States
This was our first time and it worked out great. He was there on time and very professional.
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